Tuesday, September 6, 2011

{Custom Made} Shortbread Cookies

Husband is really into shortbread. Since it is a cookie, I am also a fan. However I can’t say that I would be the first in the shortbread line at the bakery.

Shortbread always reminds me of your Great Aunt Mary or your grandmother’s friend with a ridiculous nickname like Boopie or Dodo. Not really sure why, but it just makes me think of old folks.

I bet if you were to investigate the sale of Sandies, you would be sure to find an older clientele. Nothing wrong with it, it is just my humble observation. Without old people, we would not be able to enjoy in such spirited treats as starlight mints, ice cream sandwiches, and early bird specials.

But, I digress.

I saw this recipe from Pittsburgh favorite Emily Levenson forever ago and I decided to try it out with my fancy new cupcake cookie cutter. The pictures are with my old camera so they are slightly atrocious. However, the cookies are yum, yum, yummy and super easy to make. Plus, you get to dip them in chocolate and make them even better. Excellent...

Recipe after the jump.

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