Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Missing In Action

Buddy's Recovery

You can just call me the Chubby stranger because that is what I have felt like!

So here is the low down. I have four dogs, Pepper, Marci, Buddy, and Nana. My dog Nana has been really sick over the past few months. She is about 13 and has mammary cancer. We really thought we were going to lose her two weeks ago and then miraculously she started feeling much better.

I will spare you the gross details, but she is now feeling much better. Yay Nana!

However, by some cruel twist of fate, another one of our dogs (Buddy) got hurt. We are not really sure how, but he managed to rupture 4 disks in his neck and upper back. We think it was a furniture related accident. He was in more pain than I think you can even imagine and then he lost his ability to walk. What followed was a very costly surgery and will now be a very long recovery.

A very special person in our life helped us more than I can even explain and saved Buddy’s life. That person and the neurologist and staff at the Pittsburgh Veterinary and Specialty Emergency Center (PVSEC) are Buddy’s Angels.

This all happened right up against what was to be the first week long vacation Husband and I were going to have in a long time. Thanks to Mom-in-law we were still able to go away for half of it, which was lovely.

There you have it. My patience and emotions have been stretched fairly thin over the past few weeks.

Back to food tomorrow! I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait! 


  1. I'm so happy that everyone is okay now!!

  2. Thanks! So am I! Buddy and Nana both send you sloppy kisses! :)

  3. good to have you back, sorry to hear about your pups. i'll keep them in my positive thoughts during meditation :D

  4. Wow- that's a lot to go through, but am super glad that everyone pulled through- YAY Buddy & Nana!!

  5. OMG Nanna is so adorable!! and so is Buddy! I wish him a speedy recovery. Thank goodness for their resiliance to pull through! Dogs are wonderful creatures!! If we lived closer, Mamma would have come over with a vegan treat for both Nana and Buddy! Pugs kisses, The Biscuits.

  6. So glad to know that your dogs are feeling better now! I totally understand the kind of anxiety and worry that you experienced for the past couple of weeks.
    Looking fwd to your vegan food posts~ :)

    PS: Do post more pics of your doggies! And beagles are adorable~

  7. Oh wow, so sorry to hear about your poor babies, hoping they are doing so much better! It's the worst when the babies get sick!
    I agree, more doggy pics!

  8. Yay for Nana, and best wishes to Buddy on a speedy recovery.


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