Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A Little Trip to Georgia

Once upon a time I was a Chubby Vegetarian, who lived in Georgia.

Imagine that, a New England boy living in the South! I had never met anyone who went to a mega church or didn’t believe in evolution. Nope. Never.

So moving to Georgia was a major adjustment for me. When I told people that I was moving there they assumed I would be killed because I was gay, outspoken, and fill in the ___. Thankfully, I wasn’t. Plus one for me!

I ruffled a couple of feathers in Georgia but I wouldn’t take the experience back for a second. I grew tremendously as a person and met some really amazing people.

Husband, although born in Pittsburgh, spent the majority of his formative years in Georgia and we get back to Bulldog country as much as we can.

My favorite restaurant on the planet, The Grit, is in Athens, GA. I get the same thing every time and it never disappoints. Sadly, it was super dark in the restaurant and I couldn’t take any good pictures. So use your imagination:

The Golden Bowl = Fried tofu in oil and soy sauce, coated with nutritional yeast, layered over brown rice, and a bunch of vegetables. Cover it in some Frank’s hot sauce with a cold beer. *I just fainted*

If you ever have the chance, please go to The Grit and tell them Chubby Vegan sent you. Make sure to get dessert too! 

While we were there we also got to try out a new(er) place called Mama’s Boy for brunch. It was just lovely and they made a tofu stir fry strangely reminiscent of my favorite food from The Grit. Theirs came with toast and an incredible raspberry jelly.

This was their only vegan friendly brunch option but it was delicious so I still give them a Chubby Vegan Stamp of Approval. I was a member of the clean plate club that day!

Whoever said chicken & waffles and barbecue is all you can eat in Georgia? 

Click "Read More" for a few more pictures...

It was B-U-S-Y
My Name should be Fried Tofu
So cute!
I love a good Mason Jar
One more, just because...

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  1. That food looks delicious. Seems like you enjoyed your little visit to The Grit. I feel hungry looking at those pictures, fried tofu is one of my favorite vegan food.


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