Friday, March 4, 2011

Lazy Vegan Corn Muffins

Pittsburgh is not really known for its amount of sunny days. I read a statistic once that said Pittsburgh is one of the cloudiest cities in the country.

Don’t know if that is true or not, but it sure is depressing. Nothing against the good ‘ol Burgh, but gloomy days just make me want to do one of three things:
  1. Nothing
  2. Eat
  3. Do nothing, while eating.

Today I choose option 1…. nothing. How boring.

So since I am feeling so lazy today I have the perfect lazy vegans recipe; vegan corn muffins from a box. Really, you can’t get much easier than that.
I was a little hesitant when I bought the box (Dr. Oetker) and it has taken me FOREVER to finally make it. 

I will say I was pleasantly surprised. I have a very particular corn muffin affinity. There was a non-vegan donut shop in my hometown called, “Honey Dew Donuts.” They had corn muffins that I would push over a nana for. Legit.

Since going vegan I have not found for the "magic bullet" cornbread yet. I have had some pretty good cornbread though. That’s what I would call this version… pretty good.

But on a scale of one to “it’s so good I contemplate murder for more,” I would give it a 4.5. That means, I would make it again.

More pictures and Chubby Vegan notes after the jump.

Chubby Vegan Notes:
  • The brand I used was called Dr. Oetker Organic Cornmeal Muffin Mix. I bought it at my local co-op, but I have seen it at Whole Foods too. Most cornbread boxes have non-veg ingredients so (in case you aren't trained to do thi) read the label closely. 
  • I followed the instructions on the box for these. Instead of eggs I used ener-g egg replacer. I guess you could use flaxmeal, but I think ener-g would be better.
  • They don’t puff up to much. Don’t be scared.
  • Be patient when they finish. Let them cool completely or else they will stick to the paper. Stupid waiting... grovel, grovel, grovel…
Filled each cup about 3/4 full
A little puffed.
Butter (Earth Balance) & Cornbread = heaven

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