Monday, March 28, 2011

Daily Gourmet Goodies

Who doesn’t love a macaroon?
Hands? Anyone?

That’s what I thought!

Daily Gourmet is offering a super special offer on raw, organic, and vegan macaroons & cinnamon squares from One Lucky Duck.
One Lucky Duck is a raw empori-yum in New York specializing in organic, raw and mostly vegan products. The offer is for 12 Blonde Macaroons, one bag of 12 Chocolate Macaroons and one bag of 6 Cinnamon Squares for $35 w/ free shipping!

Where do I sign up? Well, visit Daily Gourmet before Wednesday night to get the deal.

Also, to my loving Chubby Vegan readers, I am giving away coupon codes for an extra $5 off. If you want one, just do one of the following things: 

Once you do any of the following, leave a comment with your email and let me know or send me an email and I will get a code over to you asap!

I only have a certain amount of codes and the offer ends Wednesday so do it fast; you will be loving on some macaroons and cinnamon squares before you know it!

1 comment:

  1. OMG! Love the site. Liked them on FB too. Thanks.


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