Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Pittsburgh Vegan Meet Up

Pittsburgh Photos

Do you feel all alone?
Do you cry into your seitan every night wishing upon a star that you will meet new vegan friends?
Do you live in Pittsburgh?

Well here is your chance friend!

What: Pittsburgh Vegan Meet Up with Your Daily Vegan (KD & CN), The Chubby Vegan (JP), & Vegan Tweeter (AE)
The Date: Sunday, March 13th
The Time: 12:00 pm (noon)
Location: The Zenith, 86 South 26th Street, Pittsburgh PA 15203 (South Side Neighborhood)

On their quest to find great vegan hotspots around the country, KD & CN from Your Daily Vegan are setting their sights on Pittsburgh. Exciting right!

The Zenith will be their first stop for a little Pittsburgh vegan adventure to try out their amazing veg brunch. What a delicious way to start…

This is a really informal gathering but if you are planning on coming please leave a comment below and let me know.

If you have been to Zenith before, you know it gets pretty busy on Sundays. I emailed them and gave them a “heads up” but haven’t heard back yet. Zenith is pretty much community seating so even if we can’t all sit together at least we can all just have the chance to meet up and give our visiting friends a little PGH vegan love.

Hope you can meet up with us! With love and carrot kisses-

The Chubby Vegan (JP)


  1. Such a great idea, and thanks for organizing. I'm sorry I'll have to miss it (too many balls in the air this weekend and can't juggle it all). Would love to meet up if there's another one!

  2. Bummer! Hope we can meet up soon! :)


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