Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Results Are In...

Thanks to your votes, I will be celebrating my one year “vegan-versary” by setting a challenge for my Chubby Vegan readers.
$500 for Farm Sanctuary in 5 Months 

If you don’t know about Farm Sanctuary, here is a little bit of information on who they are what they do:
Farm Sanctuary was founded in 1986 to combat the abuses of factory farming and to encourage a new awareness and understanding about “farm animals.” At Farm Sanctuary, these animals are our friends, not our food.
This place is so much more than a farm. It is life changing. Farm Sanctuary puts life into perspective. Look into the eyes of a chicken and tell me you can eat it. Sit on the ground with a lamb and explain how you can condone the horrible treatment he would receive in a factory farm.

I love this place. I went for the first time in May and I still haven’t been able to wrap my head around how much of an emotional experience it was. It was moving. It was magical. I walked around almost speechless by the beauty of the farm and the emotions it stirred up.

It is only right that I help raise money for them.

I am pledging $100 of my own money over the next 5 months, which only leaves $400 to raise.

Please visit the Farm Sanctuary website directly to donate… Any gift, big or small, would help them. Even if you can only give $5, do it. A gift of $20 gives you a one year membership.

So I can keep track, please shoot me an email or leave a comment and let me know if you donated.

Every gift counts... Will you join me?

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  1. That's a great thing to do for your vegan-versary. A fun way to raise money is to have a vegan bakesale. I held one last month in front of a natural products store and made $500 for a local farm sanctuary that adopts rescued factory farm and abused animals.


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