Monday, April 25, 2011

Handmade Arcade

I like arts and crafts.

I wouldn’t consider myself an “artsy” person, although I did teach Arts & Crafts for a very short period of time in college. Fun little fact about me.

Recently, Pittsburgh has hosted some great craft / artisan markets. Handmade Arcade & I Made it Market are just two that have been huge successes on the Pittsburgh scene. These markets are so popular that they are always jam packed with people.
I love that these artisanal markets have become so popular. Not only does it reinforce the work of folks who are creating great crafts, but it also encourages us to support our community and local businesses.

My mom is a very crafty person who, as my brother so lovingly says, spends most of her money on pizza delivery and crochet yarn; which in Boston is called YAHHHHHHHHN. Craftiness runs in my family. However, my memories of any of the high school gym craft fairs that I went to with my mom were of aisles of lace doilies and cross-stitch letters on blankets.

Not anymore my friend.

I went to the Handmade Arcade last week with a friend and was so pleasantly surprised! So many fun people! So many cool items! It was like Etsy came to life in Pittsburgh.

These pictures are just a sample of the things I saw and loved. It was packed so I couldn't get as many pictures as I would have liked.

Watch your local blogs and newspaper to see when the next craft fair is coming to your town. Always great to lend a little support to our crafty friends out there!

Check out a couple more pictures after the jump, including an item that I absolutely fell in love with and practically threw money at the artist to own.

So Crowded!
Baby Cauliflower... tee hee
No... C is for Chubby
I imagined this to be TJ's soy ice cream...
Cranberry Soap... smells delicious! 

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  1. Those baby cauliflower are so cute!!! That is exactly how I felt about the Renegade craft fair, I even bought things that had been sitting in my etsy saved items list it was so much fun.


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