Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Sauerkraut + Cashew = Mac & Shews

I had a serious hankering for some Mac and Cheese recently.

Not really sure why, but I have just been in the mood for it. I am having cravings. 

I think I am pregnant.

There are a million recipes out there for vegan Mac and Cheese, some of which are great and others which leave a little bit to the imagination. I have posted one before, but I have yet to find one that I am head over heels for. Plus, I still don’t love calling it Mac & Cheese. But...

On one of my regular visits to the Post Punk Kitchen blog I saw a recipe for “Mac n’ Shews,” which uses cashews, sauerkraut, and vegetable broth to create one of the most unique Mac & Cheese recipes I have ever seen.

Excuse me? Sauerkraut? ¡Repeta, por favor!

Isa Chandra Moskowitz is a genius; plain and simple. This recipe was brilliant. It took a little bit of prep time, but is totally worth it. This recipe is no doubt in my top two favorite vegan Mac and Cheese recipes.
Husband loved it (and he is often skeptical of “cheese substitutes.") I brought some to work and my co-workers loved it. Success!

So get out that sour cabbage and go to town. You won’t be disappointed!

Recipe, another picture, and some notes after the jump…

Mac & Shews

This recipe has a fair amount of notes and little nuances. Make sure to visit the Post Punk Kitchen to check out the recipe. However, my specific notes are:

Chubby Vegan Notes
  • First and foremost, read the directions a few times before starting this recipe. Her notes are all spot on and really helpful.
  • If you don’t have a crazy powerful food processor make sure you soak the cashews for at least 24 hours before making this.
  • Blend baby blend… I blended the cashews and sauerkraut for what seemed like forever. That is normal.
  • This recipe was my first “roux.” I was always scared of making them, weird, but it was actually really easy. However, I prefer to call it a “Rue” McClanahan. RIP Blanche…
  • I wouldn't say this is really hard to make, but there is a fair amount of steps. Make sure you lay everything out (as much as you can) first, it will really help. Again, read the instructions over a few times before you start.
  • If you don’t like sauerkraut don’t ignore this recipe. There is no sauerkraut texture (at least there shouldn't be) in this recipe, just a bit of the tangy taste that comes with kraut.
  • The sauerkraut in this recipe will make people say, “there is something in this that is really good, but I just can’t pinpoint it.” You know how people always do that and look up in the air as if the ingredient is going to fall out of the sky. We all do it, don’t be ashamed.


  1. Nice to hear your thoughts on this one. I'm so intrigued! I always say that sauerkraut makes everything better, but I never guessed that "everything" would include mac and cheese!

  2. I have been dying to try this! I was worried since I hate sauerkraut but I guess there is no reason to worry!

  3. @lazysmurf - I do love sauerkraut, but I really think it is so delicate in this that it is almost non existent.

    Can't wait to hear what you think!

  4. Sauerkraut + cashews = total surprise to me! Who would have thought? I haven't quite found a vegan "mac n cheese" that I really like yet. I'll definitely give this one a try. Thanks for your great blog posts :)

  5. SAUERKRAUT?? wow, that's something new, for sure!
    I'll try it! Thanks for sharing your experience ;)

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