Thursday, April 7, 2011

Mr. Jingles & Hope Pastures

I have rescued four dogs.

When I talk to people about my dogs they go crazy... People say, “ Oh beagles!” “Show me pictures” & “Do they howl all the time?”

I love when people have questions about my dogs because I love them and I love talking about them. They changed my life. Really, they did. But, that is a whole other post.

When the Humane Society shows videos of dogs (and cats) who are abused and neglected people lose their mind. It is heartbreaking. It is sad. I am so appreciative for rescue groups like the Humane Society and all of the wonderful shelters and breed rescues around the world doing the challenging and important work of animal rescue. However, there are so many animals in the world that face the pain and sadness of abuse and neglect that don’t get a big celebrity endorsement or television ad.

A few months ago I saw a post by fellow blogger Fat Gay Vegan (FGV) about a Horse & Donkey rescue just outside of Leeds, England. He spoke passionately about Hope Pastures which is dedicated to saving horses and donkeys “deemed redundant or left for certain death.” The trust is run by a few paid staff and a team of dedicated volunteers.

I love places like this; saving horses and donkeys can’t be easy. Not only does a place like this require a tremendous amount of financial support, but even more “people time” to make sure the animals are properly cared for. People who do this work amaze me and I am so thankful for them.

FGV laid down a challenge to his readers to send some financial support to Hope Pastures. Twenty (20) dollars (12.50 pounds) “adopts” a horse or donkey for one year. Twenty bucks; I can afford that! I headed to their website and Mr. Jingles the donkey became the fifth member of my furry family!

Here is the kicker, I am currently the only American who has given them any financial support. 300 million people in the US and I am the only one! I hope one of you will change that.

We all choose charities that are important to us and with no personal connection sometimes its hard to send money to a random place. However, I hope you give Hope Pastures a chance. Take a look at their website, see what they do, and think about “adopting” your own horse or donkey. Plus, these horses and donkeys have a British accent, can you beat that?

Mr. Jingles picture is proudly displayed in my office with his four other furry family members. Thank goodness he likes dogs! They sent me his picture, a letter from him, and a lovely certificate confirming my adoption. So sweet...

What did his letter say? I thought you would never ask...!

Read my letter from Mr. Jingles after the jump...


My name is Mr. Jingles but my friends call me Joe. I am a young male donkey and I was very unhappy in my previous home. I was living on a small patch of deep mud along with some pigs and chickens, next to a main road. I could be heard eey-oreing early every morning and every night as I was lonely and sad and I hoped to hear a reply from a donkey, pony, or mule who could become my friend. Sadly, I never head a reply and the people in the houses nearby became tired of my braying and complained to my owner, who was having trouble looking after me.

When Hope Pastures heard of my plight, they came to visit me and my owner was happy to let me go and live with them at the sanctuary so that I could be cared for properly. When I arrived at my new home I was a little unsure what to expect so I didn’t want to come out of the trailer. After ten minutes though, I’d decided that it looked like quite an interesting place.

Mr. Jingles & Muffin
I had quite an audience to greet me and I was a little shy, but I was checked over carefully and although I had a severe louse infestation and overgrown hooves, I otherwise felt okay. Since being at the sanctuary, I have made many new friends, but none more so than my best friend Muffin, who is half donkey!!!

I’m very happy here and am becoming braver and more trusting every day. I’ve been wormed and had my teeth checked out and I am not going to have my hooves trimmed regularly so they won’t become overgrown again.

I hope you will be able to visit my friends and me anytime throughout the year or I hope to see you at one of our open days.

Thank you once again for helping to look after me.
Your friend, 

Mr. Jingles

How could you say no?


  1. This is a beautiful post and so masterfully-written. Thank you for the mention. I am so happy you found some spare cash for Mr Jingles.

    Check out my original post comments for a lovely message from the trustees at Hope Pastures. xx

  2. Thanks so much! I hope some of my readers can find some extra money to send to Hope Pastures!


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