Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Vegans I’d Like to…

Well, you get it.

It is so great how many cool vegans are out there with blogs, websites, books, ‘zines, vlogs, twitter, facebook, pamphlets, chalkboards, markers and paper, or whatever other forms of communication they want to use. I am just happy there are so many of us out there being awesome. I am vegan proud!

Some of these awesome vegans happen to be pretty darn sexy too. I know I am one of them, but there are so many others! *wink wink*

This gave me an idea in my big chubby brain. Let me use my humble platform to share some of these super sexy vegans with all of my loving CV readers. Presenting my first V.I.L.F:

Holy swoon! This guy makes these really fun videos cooking amazing looking vegan “bar” food. Vegan mozzarella sticks, pizza rolls, Philly seitan steaks, and the list just gets even more delicious.

So let’s break it down… A guy that is a little bit punk rock, tatted up, vegan, a big dog lover, makes amazing vegan food, and is a certified vegan McSteamy… where do I sign up?

So check him out! His videos are great, funny and his recipes are all pretty basic and fun. Love, love, love it!

Check out a couple more of his videos after the jump…

Pizza Rolls- A Pittsburgh Delicacy Vegan Style!

Cheese Stix... drool!

Also, do you think you are a V.I.L.F? Leave me a comment with your website and maybe I will do a little shout out post to you too…! 


  1. I hadn't heard of the Vegan Zombie before, thanks for posting about him! Also, there totally needs to be V.I.L.F shirts! :)

  2. Sorry M- I think it pretty funny... :)


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