Friday, April 15, 2011

Whole Foods Austin (Day 3)

It has been almost a month since my trip to Austin, but I have one more post that I needed to share.

What visit to Austin would be complete without a trip to Mecca? Wait, you say, Mecca is not in Austin, TX? Oh but it is, oh but it is.

Whole Foods World Headquarters and flagship store is in Downtown Austin. It is a sight to behold. Beautiful. It almost brought tears to my chubby face.

First of all, the store is huge. The whole place was spotless clean, bright, and surprisingly easy to get around. I actually went a couple of times while I was there, once for brunch and once to pick up some things for a party.

I have so much to say about this store, but I don’t want to bore you or make you too jealous of the smart people who have moved to Austin. Here is my brief summary….

There is a (almost totally) raw bar that was delightful. The staff members who worked there were so amazingly friendly and they let me try all sorts of delicious raw items, including a Kale and Avocado salad which was outstanding.

The beer and wine section was enormous with very nice guys who led me to an organic wine section that made me gush. I love organic wine!

My friend Erica and I enjoyed, quite possibly, the best tofu tacos I have ever had. I got 3, which for the record is way too many, that had all sorts of delicious toppings on them including guacamole, daiya, beans, and vegan sausage. We topped it off with a peanut butter pie (don’t hate, it was brunch), which was incredible. Sadly, my chubby stomach was pretty full after devouring 3 tacos so I wasn’t able to finish it. Imagine, not being able to finish a dessert!

Overall, I was most impressed with the amazingly friendly staff. Whole Foods in Pittsburgh is great, but the employees in Austin were almost Disney like in their friendliness and service level. That is the best compliment anyone can ever get from me.

I have an unhealthy obsession with customer service and seeing it done so well made me just want to be a part of the team at Whole Foods. So if you are reading this Whole Foods management, I am willing to move to Austin. Email me*wink wink*

If you are ever in Austin, please make sure you stop into the Whole Foods flagship; it is an absolute must see!

I took a bazillion pictures in the store and I added more of them after the jump. 

Whole Food Austin
So beautiful... 
Collecting rainwater, I want to do this...
One more, just because
Peanut butter pie perfection
Kale and avocado salad - SO GOOD!
Part of the (almost totally) raw bar
The power of a high powered blender. Yum!
Bulk Granola & Nuts
There was a vegan pizza that I wish I could have tried!
Vegan Oreo Cookie Cake

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  1. I work at a Whole Foods! In the prepared foods area, I do the salad bar. We tend to err on the side of caution, being in a midsized Midwestern city... the tofu isn't always the most popular item unfortunately


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