Thursday, February 10, 2011

Ready for the Weekend

I drink.


Truth be told, I love a good cocktail. What chubby vegan doesn’t? Hands? Bueller?

Margaritas, (cheap) beer, vodka, and wine… yes please. Believe it or not, I didn’t drink until I was 21. No joke. I was such a good boy.
When I made the transition to veganism I was so saddened when I learned how much alcohol was poisoned with animal products. Ugh! *shakes fist* Thankfully there are awesome vegan sleuths that compile websites like barnivore to let you know what types of beer and wine is vegan friendly.

In a random trip to my local PA State liquor store I asked a staff member if they had any organic wine, expecting them to faint in shock. (note: my part of town is not known for being very cosmopolitan) To my shock and delight, the store clerk presented me with his favorite organic wine. He said, “it doesn’t give my daughter headaches.”

Well, all right!

The bottle was a cabernet sauvignon (my favorite) from a CA winery named Frey Vineyards. Come to find out it was the 2003 winner of best vegan wine from Veg News.

Let me just tell you, it is my ABSOLUTE favorite red wine. It’s totally vegan friendly, affordable, and delicious. I could easily tear through the whole bottle, which I may do from time to time. (Shh…that’s a secret)

So when you just want a good glass (or bottle) of wine, give it a try. This chubby vegan gives it a giant seal of approval!


  1. I have drunk my fair share of Frey wine (and then some). It is delicious and has never given me a headache. So happy for your discovery!

  2. Great review! Love your writing style. Now, I want to try this!!


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