Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The More You Know

It sure is weird how things change for people. When I was growing up I really didn’t like dogs. I was actually horrified by them.

Nana contemplating why people are so mean...
Cut to me twenty years later being a proud dad to 4 wonderful dogs. Things change...

Everyone says, “I just don’t know how anyone could hurt a defenseless animal (like my dog or cat)” so I am not going to go there. Even though many of the people that say this have no problem tearing up a plate of chicken wings and beef tips at the Outback…but I digress.

Today the New York City Council passed two bills, one that bans the chaining of dogs for longer than three hours and another that nearly triples the licensing fees for unaltered animals.

Bravo New York! 

Chaining dogs is cruel and just downright wrong. Imagine what it would be like to be a dog, chained to a post with little to no space to move. No wonder so many chained dogs are aggressive. Wouldn’t you be?

This type of law is common sense, but so many states and municipalities have no laws protecting the rights of our companion animals against being chained for extended periods of time.

Here is your homework for the day…

Check out this website to find out more information on the heartless practice of chaining dogs. Find out if your state, city, or town has any laws protecting against this cruel practice and if not, learn how to do more to help.

Then once you firmly have your “I can’t wait to save all animals” hat on, find out how you can pledge to do everything you can to manage the pet population.

Pepper will thank you, once he wakes up.


  1. Any crafty vegans reading this site and feeling compelled to take action should also check out this:

    They are sending Valentines to homes where chained dogs are located to hopefully raise awareness & save lives.

  2. Thanks Caity... I will tweet this too!

  3. If people would take off their blinders there would be a lot less chicken wings being eaten in this world. I, too, was afraid of I'm on the board of our local humane society and have two hairy children. It was hard to eat an animal on my plate while I had two animals in my bed?! Yes, dogs are animals just like cows, pigs, and chickens..not sure why people don't get that?! Love that NYC has taken a stand...that will never happen out here in Amish sad. Ok..will attempt to get off my soapbox!? =)

  4. @Farm Girl- Agreed for sure! Isn't that weird how things can change for people. As for being in Amish country, you guys have even worse issues (read: puppy mills). Such a shame... Glad you are taking a stand in your part of the world!


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