Friday, January 7, 2011

Easy Vegan

One of the reasons I started this blog is because the question I probably get the most often is, "what do you eat?" I think when people hear "vegan" they imagine a group of unshaved hippies eating grass and drinking water from a river. 
Dream life... 

*in my dreams*

But truth be told, vegans eat so many different awesome things. As one of my vegan friends says, "would there really be a giant group of people eating bad food?"


Vegan food is amazing. Taking out animal products does not make bad food. Taking out animal products can lead to so many more creative and innovative ways to make things. Whenever I go to a decent  restaurant and I tell the wait staff that I am vegan I sometimes get the most creative meals. I think chefs like a challenge. Wouldn't you get bored after making chicken parmesan 35 times a day? I would. Granted, this won't happen at your neighborhood big chain restaurant, but at many other places I have had some pretty decent stuff.

If this doesn't happen, there is something I like to call, "easy vegan." It is all those foods that you can make at home or have at many restaurants with only a few moderations. Let's be honest, do you know anyone that is busting out new fun vegan recipes every night? If you do, introduce me because I want them to invite me over for dinner.

My easy vegan meal today is whole wheat pasta and red sauce. 

One box + one jar + a few vegetables = easy vegan dinner

Yes, to avoid being a super chubby vegan you should  probably avoid eating a giant plate full of pasta every night, but every now and then I think it’s' okay. When I first stopped eating meat and people would ask me what I can eat I would say, "I could eat macaroni and cheese everyday and still be a vegetarian." I know better now... I think.

For my first easy vegan post I am giving you about the easiest vegan meal ever. I boiled a box of whole wheat pasta. About 99% of these are vegan. Watch for some of the "+ plus" pastas that like to sneak in egg whites to make it "healthier." I opened up a jar of organic marinara sauce and threw it in a sauce pot. Again, most of these are vegan but always read the label since many jarred sauces will sneak in some cheese here and there. I added some mushrooms sautéed in balsamic vinaigrette and a side of steamed spinach. 

Easy vegan... Done and done...

What are some of your favorite easy vegan meals?


  1. some would not consider this a meal, and none would consider me a vegan...but I like chips & salsa!

  2. Chips and salsa would for sure be an easy vegan dish... I don't know about a meal though. Maybe we can add something to it... Hmmm. Ideas?

  3. how about some meat-substitute (I don't know what they call it) for a sort of nacho casserole.


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